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Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces

Residential oil furnace service, repair, or installation is offered throughout the Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County area by Happy Heating and Air Conditioning. We strive to exceed your every expectation, so that you are always left satisfied by our work.

Our NATE certified technicians are experts in their field and can not only install oil furnaces but are experts at repairs and servicing too.

Oil furnace manufacturers recommend that you get your oil furnace serviced annually to ensure that no blockages, or buildup, of soot can affect the performance, or efficiency, of your furnace. With the high cost of oil these days, a little bit of soot build up in your oil furnace can cause a huge increase in your energy bill. A simple, inexpensive annual maintenance can save you a lot of energy dollars.

Our advisors can talk you through the different options we provide and you can make an educated decision on what would benefit your home the most while also being the most cost-effective. You can either send us an e-mail or give us a call on 775-674-2779.

Don’t shiver and let your home freeze during the cold months of the year. Providing heating solutions is something we pride ourselves on, and if you’re not satisfied with our craftsmanship and high-quality standards, we’ll give you your money back.