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Grow Rooms/Indoor Agriculture

Grow Rooms/Indoor Agriculture

The extreme weather conditions of northern Nevada can make it very difficult to grow fresh vegetables and fruit outdoors. The intensity of the heat, the humidity and the dry, dusty air make it virtually impossible to economically grow fresh produce.

That doesn’t have to mean that you can’t grow fresh produce however, and that’s where Happy Heating & Air Conditioning come in. We offer Reno grow room design and consulting along with then Sparks indoor grow room install design and consulting.

Nevada is one of the leaders in herbal medicine and medical marijuana. Happy Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with the indoor facilities to enable you to grow your own indoor agriculture easily, without needing to concern yourself with what the weather is doing outside. Our indoor grow rooms are designed to accommodate your home and as such are uniquely customized for you.

If you already have an indoor grow room installed in your home, but it isn’t working properly or isn’t having the desired effects, then let us know as we also offer indoor grow room repairs in Reno and Sparks. Regardless of what you need to grow, an indoor grow room gives you the tools and facilities to produce your own fresh vegetables, herbs, and medicines.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss with you the process involved with getting started. It will start with a grow room design consult where we’ll evaluate your property and discuss a rough plan. From there we’ll move onto designing the plan and getting everything drawn up and finalized. Once you are completely happy with the design, we can begin construction on the indoor grow room install.

For more information, go to the home page where you can find all of our contact information, or visit the “contact us” page to schedule an appointment or send us an e-mail. We understand how important it is to be able to grow your own foods so don’t let the harsh weather stop you from eating healthily. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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