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The staff of Happy Heating & Air Conditioning provides an array of services and products to satisfy the needs of any commercial property manager throughout Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County. Whether you need repairs, replacement, or a full heating and air conditioning maintenance program for your establishment,we can be on hand to help.

Our specialized NATE certified technicians can overcome any obstacle with their proven skillset to provideyou with the highest level of service and quality with each of your projects. It’s due to this dedication, and passion, that we are confident you’ll be immensely satisfied with our services.

If you’re considering a new HVAC system for your commercial building, or offices, or if you need repairs or maintenance to your commercial HVAC system, please give us a call today to see exactly what we can do to help you.

Happy Heating & Air Conditioning should be the number one company on your mind for all things heating and air conditioning related. We also work very closely with suppliers to ensure the very best prices are obtained, meaning you’ll get much more for your money.

Navigate to the home page to see our contact information, or simply click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page to schedule an appointment, drop us an e-mail or find our phone number. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.