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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Happy Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in products and services which allow you to regulate the temperature in your home or commercial property. While that is a focus point for us, we also specialize in improving the indoor air quality of your Reno, or Sparks, home.

According to the American Lung Association, Americans spend an average of 65 percent of their time in home in what is usually viewed to be a safe-haven. However, growing evidence shows that some homes may be detrimental to the health of those living there. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. In some cases indoor air pollution can be as much as 100 times higher. As a result, the EPA has recognized indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health.

Exposure to indoor air pollutants such as smoke, dust, pet dander, radon, mold and other pollutantsin Reno, or Sparks, can pose serious health risks and contribute to respiratory disease, asthma, and even lung cancer. Home pollutants such as dust mites, pet dander, and mold travel through the air undetected and are known triggers for asthma. These allergens can be inhaled and enter the respiratory system Pollen and other indoor air pollutants cause allergy and sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). High accumulations of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and radon in inadequately ventilated homes pose serious health hazards as well. In addition, various biological agents found in a home can cause infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Indoor air quality is more of an issue with today’s Reno and Sparks home construction than what it was in the past. In days when homes were built fairly loose, fresh air was continually introduced into the home through infiltration. This diluted any indoor air contaminants so there was less concentration. Construction practices have changed over the last 30 years to make homes more energy efficient. Homes are built much tighter than in the past to eliminate infiltration as much as possible and the need to heat or cool that air brought in from outside. Homes have become considerably tighter resulting in poor ventilation and a marked increase in pollutants.

Most homes have more than one source of indoor air pollution. For example, pollutants come from tobacco smoke, building materials, decorating products, home furnishings, and activities such as cooking, and cleaning. Living in areas with high outdoor levels of pollutants usually results in high indoor levels.

Fortunately, there are solutions to these indoor air pollution problems that let people live in a healthier environment within their homes

This can be in the form of humidifiers that add moisture to your homes air, air purifiers and air cleaners to remove polluting particulates of matter, or ventilation systems to provide fresh outside air while recouping the energy from the exhausted air. To discuss which options would be best for you, please call us at 775-674-2779, or e-mail us at HappyHeaters@Yahoo.com.

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